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Mersal Movie Review!!!

by on October 18, 2017
Release Date

2 hrs 50 mins

Plot Synopsis

The story of Mersal unfurls in three different time periods, in which Vijay plays three different characters, a doctor, a magician and a village leader from Madurai. In this action thriller film, a magician and a doctor attempt to solve a healthcare threat that is looming large over the country and in the process expose the corruption in the Indian medical industry

Production Studios

Thenandal Studio Limited


N Ramaswami, H Murali


The Most Anticipated Movie of the year Mersal released today. After Theri Atlee and Thalapathy Vijay combo has come up another Blockbuster Movie. The Movie delivers a lot of social message. As Usual Actor Vijay has Rocked in Action sequence, Dance Moves and the dialogue delivery is the most important factor creates a more impact the awareness among the Audience. The Samantha Role was elevated very well . The Kajal Aggarwal And Nithya Menon also has equal importance.

Plot of the story

Mersal has a larger than life plot, triple role moments that you find only in films, and some superficial scenes; but when you see Vijay in the middle of all these, it is all the more easy for viewers to suspend disbelief and settle back for fun. Because when he is in action, you don’t think much about logic.Mersal has its moments, but if you remove Vijay’s charisma, the movie becomes very predictable.

Cast and performance

Mersal is undoubtedly Vijay’s best performance till date. Vijay scores big in almost every scene with his charisma, acting, deftness, physique, dance, stunts, comical timing and intense delivery. Vijay is comfortable throughout the movie. There is not a single frame he doesn’t look great, evident in ultra-high speed shots. Vijay oozes style and looks younger than ever. Ironically, Vijay loses his ilaya (young) to become Thalapathy. In that regard, Mersal may be a transformational movie for Vijay from multiple perspective.
In an industry with dearth of good villains, SJ Suryah stands tall after successive phenomenal performance in Spyder and now Mersal. SJ Suryah prediction of medical business are high points of his acting and writing. Hope SJ Suryah continues to play to his strengths. Kajal, Samantha and Nithya have their own space despite their understandably limited screen time. Among the three, Nithya Menen has the meatiest role. Welcome come back for Vadivelu despite some of his spontaneity may be a tad off.

Technical side

Atlee should be credited for his exceptional confidence in the way he unfolds the story. Atlee brings the blend of very best of Shankar’s rich production value and AR Murugadoss social theme from Ramana. Atlee’s brings his flamboyance in the form of rich visuals and technical values. Atlee’s maturity in screenplay is in full display as he builds up the suspense elements around Vijay’s characters. Atlee has co-scripted with Baahubali fame KV Vijayendra Prasad. No wonder, Mersal’s similarities with Baahubali delving on the most primal instincts of revenge is unmistakable.
Mersal boasts of A-team of technicians and crew members. AR Rahman’s songs pep up the proceeding and helps with lighter moments, especially in the first half. AR Rahman’s background track provides a classy touch and serves as a relief. In many scenes, AR Rahman’s unexpected score gives a different dimension to the scene. Case in point, the scene where Nithya is operated while intercut with Vijay narrating how he met her.GK Vishnu’s cinematography is one of the strongest pillars for Mersal. He does a great job in showing Vijay the best in recent times. GK Vishnu has poetically visualized even the gory accident scenes. GK Vishnu is the name to watch out for. Ruben’s editing is silky smooth and at the same time fast and intense. The color coordination and set design by Muthuraj add to the classy production value. The stunt scenes with magician has been creatively done. Costume design is noteworthy as in other Atlee films.There are not too many minuses. If you have to be picky, one may have some issues with the length, violent action and heavy dose of social theme.


Mersal is definitely a Merattal Diwali for all Thalapathy fans. Vijay is at his charismatic best. Mersal is arguably Vijay’s best commercial all-round performance till date. Atlee as the captain has extracted the best out of every cast and technicians.


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