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Biju Menon’s Sherlock Toms Movie Review!!

by on September 29, 2017
Release Date

2 hrs 27 mins

Plot Synopsis

An ardent fan of Sherlock Holmes from childhood, Thomas tries his best to solve issues like Sherlock Holmes. How Thomas aspires to be an IPS officer but is selected for IRS. Thomas without losing his Sherlock Holmes instinct starts applying it in his line of work unveiling a major crime in a fun based manner.

Production Studios

Global United Media


Prem Menon


Biju Menon starrer Sherlock Toms has hit the theatres today, directed by Shafi, is a hastily concocted thriller, packed with incessant comedy capers and a slight dose of suspense.
The movie has been produced by Prem Menon under the banner Global United Media.

Plot of the story

sherlock Toms narrates the story of Thomas aka Sherlock Toms, who has been an avid fan of the stories of Sherlock Holmes, since childhood. He aims to become an IPS officer but lands up as an IRS official. Later, he gets a transfer to the enforcement wing and certain interesting events unfold.
Young Thomas Joy (Biju Menon) is an avid follower of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s world famous investigative stories having Sherlock Holmes as the lead character. His friends call him ‘Sherlock Toms’ due to his keen observation skills. Even after facing some hiccups in life at a very young age he grows up to be an IRS officer but ends up having a troubled relationship with his wife. The sharp and shrewd Toms hits a new low when a raid and an operation planned by him sinks without a trace. Will Sherlock come out of this unharmed? Or will he perish? The climax is the answer to all these questions.

Cast and performance

Biju Menon As Thomas Sherlock Toms,He scores in most of the scenes. His one-liners and quick comedies gel perfectly well to the character that he portrays. Once again, the actor proves that he is a real entertainer.Srindaa has the maximum screen space as Rekha Thomas, the nagging wife of Toms and Miya George plays the role of a journalist named Shin.Salim Kumar,he role of Chowra Aashan is a repetition for the actor but still, he scores well with his act,The film has a huge star cast comprising of some of the popular names in Malayalam cinema. Hareesh Perumanna scores yet again with his portrayal of Fakru, a witty police officer. In some of the occasions, he simply steals the show. Vijayaraghavan gets to play a character which was wasted, upto an extent. Suresh Krishna is refreshing in a role with slight comic angle. Noby and Dinesh Prabhakar play their parts well. Kalabhavan Shajon and Rafi keep the comedy elements in the film intact (Watch out for the credit scene, after the climax). The movie also features Vijayakumar, Sadiq, Jayan etc., in important roles.

Technical side

Shafi is well-known for crafting perfect entertainers with all commercial elements intact. The story of Sherlock Toms has been penned by Najeem Koya. The premises of the film is something which we haven’t seen much in Malayalam films and kudos to the writer. Screenplay/ Dialogues of the film has been jointly written penned by Sachy and they offer plenty of laughs.
Alby, who has impressed with most of his works has handled the cinematography department of the film.


The film has to offer some good laughs with its star cast led by Biju Menon in top form. At the same time, the film also keeps the suspense element in tact, with a smart packaging.

KBO Rating 3.5/5 (Total Score 70 Out Of 100)

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