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    1971: Beyond Borders

    Major Ravi

    20172 h 18 min

    Set against the backdrop of 1971 Indo-Pak war, the movie is inspired by real incidents and the protagonists are inspired by Param Vir Chakra recipients. The movie shows what consequences of war are on the lives of soldiers on either side of the border.

    Director Major Ravi
    Runtime 2 h 18 min
    Release Date 7 April 2017
    Movie Status Available
    Movie Rating Not bad


    1971 Beyond Borders, the movie directed by Major Ravi, which is the 5 th movie of Mohanlal Major Ravi together after Kandahar, Keerthichakra, Karmayodha and Kurukshethra. The war drama produced by Haneef Mohammed ,which has Mohanlal doing double role in this movie as Major Mahadevan and another as his dad Sahadevan. Mohanlal playing three different looks in this movie, which movie inspired from real life war heroes and many true events during 1971 India Pakistan war. Before 1947, every Pakistani was an Indian. Partition brought the rivalry between brothers and nothing remained the same after it.

    Plot Of The movie.

    The movie, based on the Indo-Pakistani war of 1971 questions the very existence and necessity of borders. The soul of the movie is the idea that borders and politics come with extra baggage like wars, death and misery. A soldier is a true hero who, irrespective of his nationality, fights for the pride of his nation and thus deserves respect, even if he is a rival.Major Ravi has a strong track record when it comes to sharing the true feelings of a soldier. The director once again excels in creating a film that ventures into the real & raw battleground and touches the soul of every peace lover. The screenplay has space for the characterisation of every significant actor and bears no resemblance to characters from Major Mahadevan’s previous successful outings.

    Cast And Performance.

    Mohanlal plays both Colonel Mahadevan and his father Major Sahadevan with ease. The power packed performance has enough energy to ignite respect and obligation every citizen should have towards the soldiers of their nation. Bollywood actor Arunoday Singh’s natural acting and strong voice help him deliver a convincing performance as ‘Raja’, the Pakistani Lieutenant Colonel. Allu Sirish is the younger brother of Allu Arjun, the Telugu actor who has a strong fan base in Kerala. His performance as ‘Lieutenant Chinmay’. Allu Sirish doesn’t have much to do, but his armoured tank scene is one of the highlights. Asha Sarath, Krishna Kumar, Sudheer Karamana and Kannan Pattambi also feature in crucial roles.

    Technical Side.

    1971 Beyond Borders has three music directors; Sidharth Vipin, Rahul Subramaniam and Najim Arshad who have composed Tamil, Malayalam and Hindi songs for the movie. National Award winner Gopi Sunder strengthens the movie with an impactful background score. The climax is a unique combination where the background score and the Hindi song compete with each other.Another impressive technical aspect is the spectacular editing by Samjith MHD. The editing is extremely crisp in the war sequences.
    The positives in the movie are the usage of battle tanks in a Malayalam film, a strong theme supported by powerful performances, brilliant cinematography, good cuts, the captivating music and the enthralling background score.


    As usual major Ravi movie, lack of power and energy,One time watchable for the marvellous war sequence


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