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The half-man half-beast will rise soon!!!

‘Odiyan’ in kerala folklore, are a group of men who argues that they possess shapeshifting abilities who could assume animal form and could kill people. The character odiyan is a blend of both myth and history. It is hard to differentiate between truth and myth from the forebearer stories. As the folklore goes, odiyan is a half-man half-beast sort of person who treads his way forth through the blanket of ‘darkness’ cast by the lonely night. The odiyans used to apply an oil obtained from killed human fetus on their ear . This was supposed to give them powers to assume forms that they desired. They never changed into the forms or object they intended to be, but created a sensory illusion on his prey. Odiyan would assume the shape of a bull or a cat or even rocks and lay on the route that the victim routinely uses at night .when the victim approaches he would transform instantly and kills the prey within seconds. The odiyans also believed that they should perform this act by being naked only then they could earn their fruition.

Presently Mohanlal is going to symbolise odiyan. From announcement, 40cr big budget ‘odiyan’ is the most awaited movie for Mohanlal fans. The filming, which had taken place over three schedules from Varanasi to Palakkad went on for 123 days, with the final schedule lasting 50 days. When Mohanlal appeared in a vivid getup change as odiyan manikyan, stars from various industries joined the movie. Prakash Raj from tollywood, Manoj Joshy from bollywood represent vital characters in the movie. The lead heroine role is handled by Manju Warrier. The film has progressed to various stages after the shoot which was wrapped up last month. There are also rumours that the release date would be announced soon.

Pranav Mohanlal, the son of Malayalam star Mohanlal who came in the lead role in his debut movie ‘Aadhi’ was a great success. And it is rumoured that the release date would be announced in the success celebration party of the movie ‘Aadhi’. The venue of the pooja function of Pranav Mohanlal starrer ‘Aadhi’ was shared with the pooja of Aashirvad Cinemas’s Odiyan. Both movies were produced by Antony Perumbavoor under the banner Ashirwad cinemas. ‘Aadhi’ which was released in the beginning of this year created a boom in box office.

Though release date of Odiyan is rumoured from about all corners, The official release date would end it’s reign. On account of being an big budget movie, the latest news reports suggest that hundreds of theatres are approaching for the presentation rights of this movie. Whatever it may be, Odiyan will have the biggest release kerala would ever behold.

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