Maamaankam will begin its next schedule from May 10 in kochi.

The upcoming epic drama named ‘Mamankam’ has received attention due to its subject and treatment. The debut film of Sajeev Pillai has been a break for two months. This megastar Mamootty film will begin its next schedule from May 10 in kochi. According to latest reports, the set arranged for the movie is a dog-eat-dog attempt against the set of the epic movie ‘Baahubali’. It is also rumoured the the second schedule will last upto 50 days of shoot.

The script for the movie is written by the Sajeev Pillai himself after extensive research. Along with superstar Mammootty, noted actors from south Indian film industry are part of the movie.

The latest news is that the superstar will flaunt four different looks in the movie.

The highlight of the film is set in the late 17the century and that revolves around the life of the warriors called Chaaverukal who plot to overthrow the Zamorin rulers, will be the visual effects.

The team has roped in Bahubali VFX supervisor Kamal Kannan. On how Maamaankam, which is made on a considerably low budget as compared to Bahubali, will stock up, Kamal says, “The challenge in the film is to meld the graphics with the original visuals so that the audience cannot distinguish between the two.” The movie will have extensive action sequences and most of the pre-production had the VFX team, cinematographer as well as the action choreographer working together to come up with the visuals.

And it has been reported that the actors like Neeraj Madhav, Dhruv (queen movie fame), Sunil Sukhada, Meghanathan and Sohan Seenulal are said to be associate with the film.The Kavya films is producing the movie. With combining all these, we could expect an epic movie from mollywood industry.

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