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Ee.Ma.Yau review : a thought-provoking acute movie.

Lijo Jose Pellisserry’s latest outing, Ee.Ma.Yau , will certainly be counted among the classics of Malayalam cinema. There is no better way to open this review. Pellisserry, known for breaking new grounds with his style of filmmaking, has added a new chapter on conceiving realism in cinema. Shyju Khalid’s cinematography in Ee.Ma.Yau deserves a big applause. Renganaath Ravee leaves no stone unturned in delivering a perfect sound experience. Ravee won the state award for best sound design for this film. Also, Prashanth Pillai’s music and Deepu Joseph’s editing polish the cinematic gem. P.F. Mathews, known for his realistic style of writing, has done an excellent job with the screenplay. Just a few scenes and dialogues are enough to establish the depth of the bond between Eeshi and his father.

The story revolves around the death of an old man named Vavachan Mesthiri in a coastal village in Kerala.This whole new cinematic experience lures you in, right from the title of the film—Ee.Ma.Yau—which is the contraction for ‘Eeso Mariyam Yauseppe (Jesus Mary Joseph). In certain Christian communities, these words are whispered into the ears of a person on his death bed. The film Ee. Ma. Yau, too, is a rather loud whisper—about the world’s insensitivity, even in the time of death. Dark humour is given a prominent presence throughout the movie.

Almost all actors are gloriously in-character, giving out their best. While the do-gooder friend fits Vinayakan like a glove, Pauly Valsan and Kainakari Thankaraj are in their elements offering tremendous originality to supportive parts. The film is also an extension of Lijo’s favourite evil-in-robes theme which Dileesh Pothen elevates to all- new level with his nuanced performance.

Without a shadow of doubt, this has to be one of the finest dark movies that Malayalam cinema has ever seen. It is a must watch movie for all who loves a change. Don’t go watch expecting an entertainer. Even then it won’t disappoint.

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