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B.Tech movie review : A decent entertainer!

Mridul Nair’s debut directorial B.Tech is backed by ingredients that have more often than not spelled success in the box office recently – a youth-centric plot about engineering students. The story of the film is by the director himself whereas as the screenplay and dialogues have been jointly written by Mridul Nair and Ramakrishna J Kuloor. The story is a simple yet something which could make a lasting impact. The screenplay looked a bit incoherent in the initial spaces but does follow the right path after some time. They have tried to stay away from the clichés associated with films like this. Mridul Nair has made a decent debut as a film-maker. He has packaged the film in a fresh and stylish way.

The story of B. Tech is set against the backdrop of Bangalore city. Anand & a gang of his friends, who are B. Tech students, have been in the city for the past 8 years and they are still to clear their papers. They enjoy their life to the fullest but things do take a turn when a younger member of their gang is met with an incident. The movie flows freely with comedy, gang fights, love and fine music till the interval, after which it takes a drastic turn to more intense, emotional and thought-provoking zones.

The star cast of the movie is filled to the brim with Asif Ali, Aparna Balamurali, Sreenath Bhasi, Niranjana Anoop, Deepak Parambol, Arjun Ashokan, Saiju Kurup and Anoop Menon to name a few. It’s the natural chemistry between these actors that spins most of the magic in the first half with each actor being the best for their respective characters.

B. Tech is definitely a good attempt and the film does offer a satisfying experience in total. You can buy your tickets if you are into entertainer movies and won’t let you down.

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