A Thriller Flick With Twist, Chanakyathanthram Movie Review !!!

Suspense-thriller is one of the favourite genre amidst the malayalee audience. Foolproof movies were always a hit content here. Unni mukundan starrer Chanakyathanthram which is a thriller belongs to this tier. Unni’s achaayans, bhagmathiee, ira etc has gained hit status and unni is going through the best of his career. And so, making this movie a hit is his need. According to first show reports, it is stated to be a good thriller which means this adds to his series of hits and makes it his fourth consecutive hit.

Kannan thaamarakulam is a director who has been criticized much for his first movie ‘Thinkal muthal velli vare’. Later after seeing his successive movies like achayaans and aadupuliyaatam, we could understand how he has evolved from a debutant director to a promising one. When coming to Chaanakyathanthram, we can see how perfectly he handled the thriller mood. Dinesh pulath also deserves an appreciation for the well built thriller script.

This story is about an private investigator named Arjun. At a certain situation a series of murder are held because of him and this is when the movie gear is shifted up and enters to the actual story plot.

The main highlight of the movie is the different getup changes of unni mukundan which appears in every corner of the movie. One is as a singh as of his first movie mallu singh, another as a girl named karishma and also as a priest.

Anoop menon plays an important role in the movie. He plays a brilliant type of character and has executed well enough. The beard of his doesn’t match up to his character is the only downside. Shivadha and shruthy ramachandran has both done an decent job in their leading roles. Hareesh kannaran and pisharady didn’t add up any unwanted comedy.

Shaan rahman’s music stood just above average and was apt to the situations.Pradeep Nair’s camera was also good enough and there was no unwanted camera gimmicks which provided a good watch for the eye.

In short, chaanakyathanthram is a thriller with good twists and suspense. As of now, vacations have not ended so we could hope families would give it a watch.

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