Uncle Movie Review , A Road Movie Which Includes The Current Social Relevant Too !!!

Uncle, the Mammootty starred road movie hit to silver screens all over kerala on today. From the initial stage, the movie was got weird attention from the audience because of many reasons. Importantly well known actor and writer Joy Mathew scripting for a movie after his great work Shutter. Mammootty doing a aged character after a long gap with salt and pepper look. Girish Damodhar, the debutant film maker handle the direction and Sajai Sebastian is the producer of the movie.

The story begins from Ootty .Shruthy (Karthika) the teenage daughter of Vijayan(Joy Mathew) gets entrapped in Ootty because of an unexpected hartal. Krishnakumar (Mammootty) an old friend of her father pass to Shruthy while he was on his way to Kozhikode after a business meeting . He asked Shruthi to join with him ,and both the characters start their journey to Kozhikod together. Meanwhile, Vijayakumar and his wife are left uncomfortable and worried about the whole situation as Krishnakumar has always been an infamous flirtatious ¬†with women. The rest of the movie narrates the incidents that happen during the Krishnakumar’s and Shruthy’s journey home while whether the uncle remains nice and neet till the end form the plot of this film.

Mammootty steals the whole show with his graceful performance and screen presents. His character Krishnakumar comes across as a stark contradiction to the super macho roles which has ridden the actor’s career for some time now and is certainly a relief to the audience who wished to see him playing convincing and close-to-life characters. Karthika Muraleedharan, the CIA fame did her best to this movie with her cute and clean performance. Rest of the cast like Joy Mathew, Muthumani, KPAC Lalitha, Krishnakumar grace the movie with good performances.

Girish Damodhar, the debutant director made the movie is very interesting way through his magical making. Joy Mathew the script writer of the movie is totally justify the mood of the movie through his writing. He trying to tell us about the current social related issues with his pen. Alagappan the senior cinematographer did his best to the movie. He captured the beauty Of wayanad and Ootty to his camera. Music of the movie was awesome .Bijipal gave the best feel to the movie through his songs.

Overall Uncle will not disappointe to you in cinema halls. We can easily say that the movie is a must watch flick for to get a current situations about our surroundings.

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