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Clint Movie Review!!!

by on August 12, 2017

Unni Mukundan plays M T Joseph, a UD clerk who is Clint’s father. Unni is quite likable as a simple, affable dad and it is one of his best characters and performances so far. Rima too presents a good performance as Clint’s mom Chinnamma
Clint lived only for six years, but the little inimitable painter was a phenomenon in the world of art. Director Harikumar’s film, based on the life of the wonder kid, is also the tale of his parents M T Joseph and Chinnamma. Though Clint passed away at the height of his fame, one of the reasons why he still remains alive in our minds is as they did their best to preserve his works, memories and stories.

Clint starts off on a documentary mode, with Harikumar chatting with Joseph and Chinnamma. It soon transforms into a movie, in which you see a 5-year-old Clint who is ever immersed in sketches and colours. Though they aren’t different from the rest of the world on many accounts, his dad and mom are no ordinary parents. They stand by Clint’s wishes to spend his time drawing and painting, rather than going to school. Many ridicule them, but they believe in their son’s talent, alongside a handful of artists and writers who recognize his genius.

The film largely avoids the early life of Clint and spans between the age of five and his death, about one month ahead of his seventh birthday. Though narrated in a vintage setting, the film balances out the elements well enough to focus on Clint rather than the ways of the times. But more than anything, Harikumar deserves applause for the casting of the film, especially for the central character of Clint, played by debutant child artist Alok. He is a delightful discovery and has some awfully cute expressions and decent acting skills. Unni Mukundan plays one of his best so far in this film and what’s more, the daddy-sonny pair of Unni and Alok light up the frames whenever they are on screen.