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Sunday Holiday Movie Review !!!

by on July 15, 2017

The Asif Ali, Aparna Balamurali and Sreenivasan starrer film Sunday Holiday have finally hit theaters. The Jis Joy directorial film is getting a good response from the audience. The film is produced by Maqtro Pictures. The director himself has penned the story for the movie.

Plot of the story

The film revolves around the character Unni Mukundan played by Sreenivasan. Unni Mukundan is a college lecturer and his biggest dream is to script for the movie. On a Sunday a renowned director gets admitted to a hospital near the locality of Unni Mukundan, Unni Mukundan sees this as an opportunity that could lead him to make his dream a reality and he decides to meet the director and what happens next forms the main plot of the film.

Cast and performance

All the artists delivered good performance, The role of Unni Mukundan seemed to be tailor-made for him, Asif Ali also played his part well and his performance made a feel that he has matured as one of the finest actors of the new generation. Aparna Balamurali as Bold and Mature Anu reminded the character Jimsy a bit and her performance also was good. Siddique plays a dialogue writer who pens the dialogues and songs for the dubbed movies from Telugu his character was an interesting one and as always was well executed by the actor. Dharmajan`humorur made the film more entertaining and all in all Sunday Holiday is a satisfying meal.The character of Unni Mukundan played by Sreenivasan is a college lecturer and dreams to work in the film industry, he is one among those who have faced many rejections during the pursuit to his dream. When a renowned director gets admitted to a nearby hospital, Unni rushes to him, The director is not interested in entertaining Unni, and Unni tries all tricks in his kitty to make the director lend some time to hear his story. Asif Ali plays Amal who leaves his home due to some problems. Aparna Balamurali plays the role of a Bold and Mature girl Anu.
The film is a feel good movie and also is an inspirational one, an inspirational one mainly for all the persons who aspire to become part of the film Industry. The film is a nicely woven one and the first half has some humorous moments and the first half is more entertaining compared to the second. The film has a good interval punch and the climax is also a satisfying one.

Technical Side

We can say that Jis Joy had done a great job as a writer and director. His first movie is popular for quite a number of twists in the plot. It was a thriller. But this time he had come up with a complete family entertainer which has some realistic plot situations in it. The screenplay has written and the characters have been created in such a way that the audience will feel that they know such people around them. Comic flavor has been used to tell the story and it has good emotional moments as well. Each and every character had their own identity and space in the movie and the director has been successful in presenting the plot without any dull moments in it. Everything was in control and came out very well.


Sunday Holiday is a feelgood movie, it will gives a feelgood cinematic experience from the theatre.